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This is what a few of our clients had to say about their experience with Reflection Dental.

Dear Dr Sawyer:

I would like to convey my thoughts regarding you and your staff and the services you provide. Since you were out of town at my last visit, therefore this letter. I am very much impressed with the professionalism shown by both you and your staff and the courtesies extended by all of you at my visits to your office. It makes me feel good to be treated so well. Your office has given me the most pleasurable experience I've received at any dental office (or any office for that matter). Contrary to the usual thinking about visits to a dental office, you guys have made it actually enjoyable to come in for the appointments scheduled (I am very much glad I switched from my previous dentist). My sincerest compliments to all of you! As one of your patients, I just thought you might like to know.


Harry Grubbs


Dear Dr. Del Gato,
For some time it has been my intent to write you a note of thanks; now common courtesy dictates that I do so in response to your gift of the chronological Bible. I appreciate your thoughtful present and I look forward to exploring this different concept. But that's not all! It seems strange that one so prolix as I, finds herself stretching for words to thank you properly for all you have done for me over the past two years. Granted we've paid for your professional services, but there are the intangibles for which I must express an almost overwhelming gratefulness. It had to be divine inspiration, instigation, intervention — or all of the above and more — which led me in my desperation to your office door. Your initial kindness and calming influence combined with prayer — which has continued throughout my treatment to date — rescued me from a horrible situation. Yes, you gave me some immediate relief from pain, but you also gave me some hope for the future. I realize that there are no guarantees, but where I am now is so much better than where I was — feeling terrified and hopeless. It's unfortunate that I take spoken words so seriously — that's where I was as a result. You and your caring, friendly staff have been most kind toward such a cowering and errant patient as I. In other times and in other places I have not been treated so considerately. As a consequence, I have suffered for years — both by my own doing and in response to what I perceived as callous treatment. You have a good team — a GREAT team, Dr. Del Gato. I know its performance is fueled by faith and daily prayer. I sense you are well respected by your peers and colleagues; you certainly deserve it. As a patient who has benefited immensely by the way you practice, I wish to offer my appreciation and gratitude for your professional and always compassionate treatment. May you continue in your profession with much success.


Marion Kelsey









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